A Digital CommunityWhere you can Discover the Dreams made possible by embracing Teamwork.

A Totally New Way to Experience your Career in the Digital Hive.

How it WorksCollaborate with members around the world in our flexible online environment.

When you join, you will be introduced to our social platform to discover new skills and find encouragement as you learn and grow. We use enterprise software and all you need is a laptop & web browser to join the hive.

  • Work as much or little as you desire
  • Communicate using Office 365
  • Pick a Style: Startup or Enterprise
  • Work on Live Projects with Guidance
  • Everyone is assigned Global Teammates
  • Learn to be part of a Scrum Team
  • Get motivated by our amazing coaches
  • No Grades - we are Performance Driven
  • Many Departments to Choose From
  • Industry Exposure & Referrals Given
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Branding Development

Covers all human interaction, publishing, fine arts, creativity, advertising, and all aspects of user experience. We are Leaders in Storytelling through digital and print mediums.

AI & Machine Learning

Software development at its finest. In this program we focus just as much on why to build as we do on what to build. We have entry level all the way to masters in software development.

Leadership Development

Sales pitches, Inspiring teams, and Culture Creation. Anything staff, family or teams are interested in is all handled here. Have fun interning while helping someone's life .

Cloud-Based Social Platform

With just an internet connection, you will have access to our entire company even from your phone. Work anywhere.

Embrace the Hive Mentality

We believe talking about work and enjoying socializing about business creates successful projects and an amazing lifestyle.

Fine-Tune Your Skills

No matter your previous experience, a flexible program gives you the atmosphere to focus on you. Empower yourself.

Enjoy Failure, Not Grades

Just as important as socializing about projects is failiing at them. We encourage mistakes & failure on a daily basis.

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Hive Mentality -The Seven Focus Hives

Contribute your strengths and cheer on others while they tackle tasks. Working together is always more rewarding and that's why you'll never get stuck alone.

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Based in San Francisco, CAWe’re powered by an Award-Winning Creative Agency

We know a thing or two about beautiful projects. Believe it or not, your soft skills are more important than anything else. We will groom you to have amazing integrity, listening skills, the ability to work on a team, and so much more. Our recipe for success starts with enthusiasm and teamwork. Oh, and we are partnered with a staffing agencies, too. How cool is that?

Our Designs Speak

Check out our work. If you like it, then joining the hive will add these beauties to your portfolio, too.

Soft Skills Matter

We don't care about test scores. This is the real world and things are different. We'll show you the ropes in soft skills.

Pixel Perfect Management

Yes, we like to have fun, but we also teach perfection. Get ready to test your patience and redo your work 10x. Are you ready?

We Create Industry Leaders with our successful recipe.

We embrace those who think and engage in deep thought in all they do. This is your safe haven to meet others who enjoy collaborating in think tanks.

At the core of success is research into the history of projects, case studies, and sacred wisdom. Part of our success recipe is using focused research.

Statistics, analysis, and pin-pointed goals are used when we set our aim. In this fashion, we can guarantee success in whatever we put our mind to.

Member Stories

Read about Focus Hive Experiences from various members on the hive.


I planned a trip from NYC to Morocco with my family this summer and wanted to have an engaging membership at the same time for my career.


This summer, while I wanted something productive to do, I also wanted the flexibility to go back to San Francisco and visit my friends and be able to travel in general.