Why Build a Focus Hive?

An Enterprise Yet Friendly Approach to Team Management

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& Track Productivity

Our SWARM Intelligence System™ increases collaboration, allowing you to cultivate amazing culture. This system standardizes communications, implements innovative artificial intelligence, and utilizes business intelligence to take your team into the future.

Digital Curiosity CommunityUpskill Staff & Recruit Experts

We provide classrooms, digital tools, staff training, and a large network of professionals. You can recruit existing members in the community, engage with interns, encourage your staff to spark their own curiosity, and incorporate staff training programs custom to your organization. Our Curiosity Community naturally motivates staff to upskill while collaborating on projects. We are partnered with Grow with Google and are official Microsoft Authorized Education Partners.

  • Intelligence Training & Digital Workshops
  • Leadership Immersion for Managers
  • Learn Growth Marketing & Brand Identity
  • Business Automation Training Modules
  • Exclusive Access to Professsional Network
  • Career Training with Industry Partners

The DREAM Hub™

This digital hub sits atop the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, using our unique approach to incorporate into your own business. Gain access to our expert tools to close leads, service customers, and automate multiple projects with ease.

Visionary Discovery

This playbook is designed by our incubator experts to turn ideas into reality. Tasks and activities are automatically generated to strategize plans, analyze opportunities, and inspire think tank sessions. It provides a 2-week schedule that can be used for individuals, teams, and for building client relations.

  • - Discover
  • - Relate
  • - Empower
  • - Advise
  • - Motivate
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Project Incubation

Our accelerator provides structure to project initiation. It follows IATL guidelines and utilizes the skills of data scientists, copywriters, and fiscal analysts to formulate comprehensive narratives useful in Non-Profits or For-Profit ventures. The accelerator is broken into 5 Weekly Sprints that can be done simultaneously or chronologically.

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Sustainable Operations

Viewing projects in any industry as Orbitals brings a new dimension into project management. The Mission Control is an Agile management system to maintain project trajectory, utilize project fuel efficiently, and to calculate necessary resources for perpetual motion. This physics-oriented approach is organized using business intelligence inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation.

This allows us to digitally track progress in real-time and manage large distributed teams. It is a great methodology and tool kit for startups or enterprises for an innovative solution to scale production and operations.

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Automated Customer Service

We respond to social change and play our part in the social fabric of the world. Hierarchy in the hive is the only way to great achievements. We set goals larger than life that only a hive can create.

  • - our leadership is engaged and family-oriented
  • - We honor the teamwork needed and transparency on all levels.
  • - we accept the role given on each project or scenario
  • - impeccable communication is foundation of all creations
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Analytics & Automation

We flow with change and allow the hive to mold around situations as they unfold and as they grow. Projects and goals have a mind of their own and our hive mentality is central focus when tackling them.

  • - convey hive mentality in all aspects of our lives
  • - do not hold attachments to things outside of our control
  • - be at peace with change and forecast predictable futures
  • - flow with what is natural without fighting for success

Enlightenment Training for StaffAccess the iBlossom Community

This community helps empower your members to take better care of their health, track their personal goals, and to reduce stress and achieve happiness. It includes a variety of inspiring books, videos, and software put together by our world class coaches.

  • Self-Help Books to Inspire & Instruct
  • Digital Community to Network & Grow
  • Fun Task Management System
  • Finance Organizer for Beginners
  • Chakra Alignment for Enlightenment
  • Color Coded Charts show Progress
  • Dance & Movement Guidance
  • Performance Driven: Learn at Own Pace
  • Created by Celebrity Life Coach
  • Track work and personal in one system
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Curiosity Score™Detailed Staff Usage Analytics

Rich reporting for Sharepoint, Skype, MS Teams, Office 365 Apps, Logins, Emails, and Chats. Provides insights, reports, and auditing capabilities specifically for your team. Take control of your distributed team with full transparency into software adoption and usage.

Scheduled reports can be automatically emailed to managers and communication directors. Keep an accurate count of resource usage and efficiency as you grow your team. Great to share with stakeholders, board members, and used to give structured performance metrics on an individual basis. Available exclusively for our Enterprise Clients.

We Create Industry Leaders with our successful recipe.

We embrace those who think and engage in deep thought in all they do. This is your safe haven to meet others who enjoy collaborating in think tanks.

At the core of success is research into the history of projects, case studies, and sacred wisdom. Part of our success recipe is using focused research.

Statistics, analysis, and pin-pointed goals are used when we set our aim. In this fashion, we can guarantee success in whatever we put our mind to.