Ready for Personal Development?Join our branding and life coaching program to Organize Your Life.

A Totally New Way to Understand Work and Life Balance.

World Class Coaching ProvidedDigital Life Tracking Software

We provide tools, training, and an uplifting community for Startups success. The best way to achieve goals is to see their harmony and track progress. Our Personal Growth Program allows you to stay on top of your projects using Hive Mentality for guaranteed success.

  • Books to Inspire & Instruct
  • Communicate using Office 365 Platform
  • Fun Task Management System
  • Finance Organizer for Beginners
  • Chakra Alignment for Spiritual Wisdom
  • Color Coded Charts show Progress
  • 7 Steps to Perfection Book included
  • No Grades - we are Performance Driven
  • Created by Celebrity Life Coach
  • Track work and personal in one chart

Embrace Hive Mentality with us Find your Focus in Life.

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World Class Coaching ProvidedDiscover a New Life
Health & Meal Planning

Taking care of your health is easy with our tools designed by a celebrity fitness coach. With easy to understand workouts, meal planning guides, and a fitness guide that teaches how to naturally boost your metabolism, you can become the best version of yourself possible.

  • Includes The Fire Within E-Book
  • Weekly Meal Planning Software
  • 2-Weeks to Skinny Program
  • Online Group to answer Questions
  • Assignments and Quizzes
  • Designed by Celebrity Coach
  • Dynamic Software adapts to you
  • Personal Diary Included
  • Food Diary Included
  • Get Motivated in the Fitness Hive

Understand Your Budget and Energy UseMaster Your Personal Finance

It's not enough to make money. You also need to learn how to spend it. With our Finance package, you will recieve great software to understand your income and expenses on a whole new level. Designed by a master life coach and finance guru, the tools and tips here will change how you see money forever.

  • Annual Finance Tracking Software
  • Itemization with Beautiful Visualizations
  • Monthly Budget Breakdown
  • End of Year Tax Calculations
  • Dynamic Data Visuals
  • Easy to Learn
  • Secure and Stored in the Cloud
  • E-Book on Best Business Practices

Motivational Material and Resume CoachingPersonal Development

The perspective of yourself and your personal brand identity shape how you grow your career and how you engage with the opportunities given. In our Personal Development section, we reshape your Identity by keeping an updated resume, letting you engage in new projects that expand your expertise, and also giving you a newfound perspective on yourself and your surroundings.

  • Group Resume Coaching
  • Life Strategy E-Book
  • Morning Mantras to Inspire
  • Motivations from Hive Members
  • Identity Coaching
  • Performance Reviews
  • Project Inclusion in New Areas
  • Mistake-Friendly Environment
  • Action-Oriented Members
  • Connect with Industry Partners

We Create Industry Leaders with our successful recipe.

We embrace those who think and engage in deep thought in all they do. This is your safe haven to meet others who enjoy collaborating in think tanks.

At the core of success is research into the history of projects, case studies, and sacred wisdom. Part of our success recipe is using focused research.

Statistics, analysis, and pin-pointed goals are used when we set our aim. In this fashion, we can guarantee success in whatever we put our mind to.

Member Stories

Read about Focus Hive Experiences from various members on the hive.


I planned a trip from NYC to Morocco with my family this summer and wanted to have an engaging membership at the same time for my career.


This summer, while I wanted something productive to do, I also wanted the flexibility to go back to San Francisco and visit my friends and be able to travel in general.