SWARM Intelligence System™

Dream in HarmonyThrive as a Hive

Hive MentalityProven Strategies
for Distributed Agile Teams

Use the power of a collective intelligence to scale your business. A non-hierarchal system reduces errors as each part of the hive becomes responsible for uptime and delivery. This philosophy increases cognitive awareness, which streamlines business and rapidly improves staff progression. Below are just a few characteristics of our system.

  • Decentralized Self Organization
  • Real-Time Predictive Analysis
  • Multi-Point Internal Feedback
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Transparency & Increased Integrity
  • Staff Natural Leadership Growth
  • Organically Upskill Workforce
  • Teams become Resistant & Adaptable
  • Physical Locations become Flexible
  • Digital Flexibility Increases Possibilities
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Business Discovery

Our scientists are continuously updating our platforms and tools based on data analytics and business methodologies trusted by enterprise partners.

AI & Machine Learning Department

Software development at its finest. In this department we focus just as much on why to build as we do on what to build. We train models to do heavy lifting and to reduce redundant tasks.

Human Resources

We expand our multitude of hives and encourage them to collaborate with each other so the collective whole may win together. Here, you can find interns, staff, contractors, partners, and build a trusted family.

Cloud-Based Productivity Platform

With just an internet connection, you will have access to our entire company even from your phone. Work anywhere.

Hive Mentality is our Core

We believe talking about work and using teamwork while socializing creates successful projects and happy employees.

Fine-Tune Your Skills

No matter your previous experience, our flexible training gives you the atmosphere to focus on you. Empower yourself.

Embrace Failure & Collaboration

Just as important as socializing about projects is failing at them. We encourage mistakes & failure on a daily basis.

The Hive Mentality -Learn, Do, Teach to Succeed

Contribute your strengths and cheer on others while they tackle tasks. Working together is always more rewarding and that's why you'll never get stuck alone.

Cultivate Business AutomationSWARM Intelligence System™

Standardize communications, implement innovative artificial intelligence, and utilizes business intelligence to take your team into the future.



People who communicate and collaborate are much more valuable than those who are independent. This boosts morale and increases transparency, which translates into better productivity.



In today's age, everyone wants to make the world better, but few forget that we get there by working with passion and working hard. Be different - strive to make a tangible difference today.



Great staff learn how to replace themselves. Research tools and systems to completely automate your position. Constantly do this so you can move onto new areas while streamlining your existing work.



Adapt to your circumstances, your team, and your situation. People who think quick and can respond when needed hold the hive together. Know when to listen and know when to lead.



Once you no longer feel challenged, branch off and test new areas. Interdependence means you trust other teams and provide your own island of ethics and management for others to rely on you.

Member Stories

Read about Focus Hive Experiences from various members on the hive.


I planned a trip from NYC to Morocco with my family this summer and wanted to have an engaging membership at the same time for my career.


This summer, while I wanted something productive to do, I also wanted the flexibility to go back to San Francisco and visit my friends and be able to travel in general.